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escort casale monferrato escort ventimiglia

of Queen Anne of Bretagne. Buried in his titular church. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, 1793, III, 316-319; Chacón, Alfonso. May 24, 1511, at.m., Ravenna. Opted for the order of cardinal bishops and the suburbicarian see of Palestrina, October 29, 1511; retained in commendam until his death the title. Legate in Bologna and Romagna, May 19, 15; the papal briefs concerning his faculties were issued on May 22 and 26, 1508, and June 1, 1508; he distinguished himself for his cruelty (3) and actively strove to destroy the political influence of the Bentivoglio (4).

(3) This is the text of his brief epitaph, taken from Chacón, Alfonso. Named bishop of Perugia, March 30, 1506; occupied the see until his death. July 23, 1508 (1), probably poisoned, Rome. Created cardinal priest in the consistory of December 1, 1505; published, December 12, 1505; received the red hat and the title. Administrator of the see of Angers, October 10, 1491; resigned the post, May 15, 1499. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, 1793, III, 311-312; Chacón, Alfonso. Castello Sant'Angelo, November 12, 1503 until July 31, 1506. Together with Cardinal Lorenzo Pucci, testamentary executor of Pope Julius II, arranged with Michelangelo Buonarroti the construction of the pope's tomb; a contract with the artist was signed on May 6, 1513; Michelangelo sculpted the statue of Moses that is in the church. Elected bishop of Tréguier, May 16, 1483; with dispensation for not having yet reached the canonical age; an administrator was named on May 23, 1483. (Historiae urbium et regionum Italiae rariores ; 127 : Nuova serie ; 43).

His last name is also listed as Ferrerio; and as Ferreri. Lorenzo in Lucina, Rome; later, transferred to the chapel of the choir of the patriarchal Vatican basilica, Rome; finally, during the pontificate of Pope Urban viii, his remains were transferred to the chapel. Commendatario of the church. Saggi di Attilio Bislenghi. Maria di Morimondo, Milan, March 19, 1513; he also received a canonship and a prebend in the church of La Cuniga, archdiocese of Compostela, April 25, 1513. Susanna, September 15, 1508. Bonaventura is found artistically expressed; he appears on the right, with the Franciscan habit and a cardinal's hat. The escort was headed by Vaini; the cardinal, either for courtesy or prank, made a graceful salute to the duke; Francesco Maria, a youngster, burned with anger, dismounted his horse and advanced towards the cardinal; took with. Farnborough ; Gregg, 1969, col. Abbot commendatario of the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Julien de Tours, April 17, 1513.


Cecilia, between May 30 and October 5, 1513. Squire of Cardinal Girolamo Basso della Rovere. Buried in the church. Pouillé historique de l'archevêché de Rennes. Bologna : Tipi Fava e Garagnani, 1886; Guitarte Izquierdo, Vidal. Storia della Città di Sinigaglia. Accompanied the pope in his trip to Viterbo and to the Congress of Bologna that was held from October 11 to 18, 1515; returned ill to Rome. (2) This is according to Eubel, Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi, III, 10; Durengues, "Léonard de La Rovére, cardinal et évêque d'Agen (1487-1519 Revue de l'Agenais, LVI,. (2) This is according to all the sources consulted except Eubel, Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi, III, 11, that says he died extra Curia Romana. Septemb., which was August 14; Ferdinando Ughelli, Cist., in his addtition to Chacón, II, col.

His last name is also listed as Sanctori, Sanctorius and Santorio. But more probably, the pope recalled him in order to make use of his experience and laboriosity to negotiate peace with Venice, reached on February 24, 1510; and in order to consult with him on the new attitude. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, 1793, III, 322-323; Chacón, Alfonso. "I cardinali e i papi dei Frati Minori Conventuali." Miscellanea Franciscana, lxxi (Gennaio-Giugno 1971 Fasc. Migne, 1857 ; Facsimile edition. On January 4,1510 the cardinal was recalled to Rome in order to answer to Pope Julius II about the complaints of the Bolognese. Gonzaga, Sigismondo (1469-1525) Birth. Abbot commendatario of Sainte-Melaine, Rennes, 1501.

Pope Sixtus IV appointed him magister of theology, after he had defended himself against some accusations. Opted for the order of cardinal priests and the title. On November 5, 1512, he met Cardinal Mathew Lang, representative of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, in Monte Mario and then they made their solemn entrance in Rome. Pietro di Villanova, diocese of Verona. On August 18, 1483, he took the oath before the duke of Bretagne, who sent him at the head of an embassy to Rome in 1485 to pay homage to the newly elected Pope Innocent viii. Andrea, Mantova, resigned in his favor by his uncle Francesco Gonzaga. Of honesti, ma miserabili genitori (1).

Antonio Cavalli, gentiluomo Ravennatese, had the wounded cardinal carried home; the cardinal, with the crucifix in hand, exclaimed several times: propter peccata mea, propter peccata veniunt adversa (for my sins, for my sins adversity came). Legate in Marca d'Ancona, 1521. Protector of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Carmelites). October 3, 1525 (1), Mantua. 83 say that he was the son of Galeotto del Carretto, marquis of Finale. On May 14, 1511, while the war against Ferrara was still going on, the pope, for greater security, moved his own residence from Bologna to Ravenna, lodging in the monastery.

Sent as envoy before the king of France, he arrived together with Cardinal François Guillaume de Castelnau-Clermont-Ludève at Mantua on June 19, 1509. Named bishop of Cahors, July 3, 1514; resigned the government of the see in favor of his brother Louis del Carretto, August 12, 1514. November 9, 1513, Rome. Rome : Stamperia Pagliarini, 1793, III, 316; Chacón, Alfonso. I vescovi di Lucca. He served as intermediary between Michelangelo Buonarroti and Pope Julius II in 1506 and signed in the name of the pope the contract for the frescos of the Sistine Chapel; and later, for the statue of the pope in Bologna. His portrait, Cahors, France, painted at a later date. Named protonotary apostolic in the pontificate of Pope Alexander. Note: Originally published: Comune di Finale Ligure, 1997. Instead, Duke Francesco Maria charged the cardinal with treason.

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At the time of the Synod of Tréguier, June 11, 1495, he had not yet received the episcopal consecration. Legate in Avignon after the death of Cardinal Georges I d'Amboise, which occurred on May 25, 1510. Participated in the conclave of, which elected Pope Adrian. Elected archbishop of Cosenza, April 24, 1489. Legate in Perugia, by papal briefs of February 1 and 2, 1507. He was called the Cardinal of Finale. Pietro in Vincoli, March 9, 1517. Trinité de Fougères and of Batz. ESCORT BIELLA BAKECA INCONTRI BATTIPAGLIA

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annuaire Pontifical Catholique de 1939, Paris : Maison de la Bonne Presse, 1939,. 80-81; Eubel, Conradus and Gulik, Guglielmus van. De longues études sur les cardinaux célèbre. Les détails biographiques essentiels sur tous les cardinaux. Invested of Salarolo by the pope in 1514. Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi. (2) This is according to Eubel, Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi, III, 11; Chacón, pormo gratis bella scopata Vitæ, et res gestæ Pontificvm Romanorum. Graz : Akademische Druck-.

Escort casale monferrato escort ventimiglia

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Münich : Sumptibus et Typis Librariae Regensbergianae, 1935; reprint, Padua : Il Messagero. Abbot commendatario of the monastery. Españoles obispos en escort casale monferrato escort ventimiglia españa, América, Filipinas y otros países. Other cardinals of the family were Gianstefano Ferrero (1505 Bonifacio Ferrero (1517 Pier Francesco Ferrero (1561 and Guido Luca Ferrero (1565). Cecilia, August 11, 1506. Second cousin of Pope Julius. Les Cardinaux du XVI e siècle." Annuaire Pontifical Catholique de 1939, Paris : Maison de la Bonne Presse, 1939,.